20.5" x 15.4", 2005

My father, who lives across the country, asked me to send pictures of the area where I work in downtown Albany, NY. I took the photographs comprising this image for him while walking to my car after leaving for the day. I was required to be at work that morning at 3:00 a.m., and as I left in the late afternoon, a cold November rain was coming down. Chilled and over-exhausted, I withdrew mentally from my surroundings. As I continued on to my car, the city took on a increasingly jumbled and disconnected feel.

When I looked at the photographs a few days later, I realized how mundane the pictures looked - just a bunch of city streets. I also pondered how hard it is to convey a real sense of place with a series of disconnected photographs. In addition, the photographs were too literal; I wanted to convey not just how the environment around me looked, but also my emotional response to that environment at the time.

I extracted and combined visually interesting elements of each photograph to produce an image that represents not just one instance in time, but rather a narrative of my walk to my car through downtown.

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